McPherson Hospital Nutrition Services

It is no surprise that diet plays an important role in our health and well-being. Here at McPherson Hospital, Inc., we offer out-patient nutrition counseling provided by a Licensed and Registered Dietitian. Services are referral-based; however, anyone who would like to participate in nutritional counseling can request a referral from their doctor.

The following Medical Nutrition Therapy diagnoses are available for counseling:
Celiac Sprue
Chrohn’s Disease
Congestive Heart Failure
Diabetes Education *
Failure to Thrive, child & adult
Gallbladder Disease
Heart Disease
Hiatal Hernia
High cholesterol/High triglycerides
Irritable Bowel
Kidney Failure
Lactose Intolerance
Malabsorption Sydrome
Obesity & Weight Loss

*Diabetes self-management education is provided through our T.E.A.M. Diabetes classes. Because diet makes up only one part of optimal diabetes control, it is addressed as part of a comprehensive approach in the T.E.A.M. Diabetes sessions. It is recommended for all patients who desire nutrition counseling for diabetes management to enroll in the T.E.A.M. Diabetes classes.

Suzanne Fleming

For counseling sessions, you are encouraged to bring along a spouse or significant other. Making lifestyle changes that facilitate weight management or medical conditions can be stressful and frustrating, and it helps to have the support of those closest to you. During a counseling session, you and the dietitian may explore reasons and motivation for change, and talk about any misgivings you may have. We go beyond merely "following a diet," and focus on "how can I make this fit my lifestyle?" Ultimately, you are in charge of what you put into your body; therefore, you have the freedom to choose what to work on and what dietary approach to take. The dietitian is here to help guide you with healthy choices, answer questions, and be an accountability partner.

If you would like more information about our nutrition services, please call our hospital dietitian, Suzanne Fleming, at
620-241-2250, ext. 179. We are here for you!

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