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McPherson Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab Program began in January of 1987 with the assistance of St. Francis Medical Center of Wichita and is located in the Hess Fitness Center.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is the process by which a person is restored to a productive, active, and satisfactory life as soon as possible after heart disease is identified.

A participant of the program learns to adjust to new lifestyles, develop improved fitness, reduce or eliminate risk factors which contribute to heart disease and return to a productive life.

The Cardiac Rehab Program is a physician referred program. Participation is for those individuals with coronary problems that consist of a heart attack, angina or coronary bypass surgery.

      Through participation in the program the patients will:
    • better understand their heart condition
    • modify habits that put them at risk
    • recondition their heart muscle and increase the efficiency of their lungs through physical exercise
    • establish a safe and effective lifetime exercise program
    • enhance the quality of their life

Participants in the Cardiac Rehab Program are directly instructed and supervised by a registered nurse and fitness professional specially trained in cardiac care.

The Program
The Cardiac Rehab Program is a three phase sequence of care from hospital admission through recovery. McPherson Hospital provides Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Phase 1 occurs while a person is hospitalized for heart disease and continues until dismissal from the hospital.

Phase 2 is a monitored, out-patient program which begins after hospital discharge.

The out-patient attends sessions three times a week. During the exercise portion of the session participants are continuously monitored with a telemetry unit and their blood pressure is checked periodically. The exercise portion includes a warm-up and stretching phase, an aerobic phase with the use of an ergometer bicycle and/or treadmill, and a cool-down and stretching phase.

The Phase 2 program is generally for a six week session, but the type and extent of the coronary disease will determine the actual length of time spent in the program.

Blood Pressure Check
Phase 3 is a maintenance program. The former cardiac participant may enter the regular fitness program at the Hess Fitness Center with the approval of their physician.

The person exercises in a supervised atmosphere, but is not monitored on the telemetry unit. This maintenance program allows the participant to work independently under given guidelines and to maintain fitness for life.

For more information, please contact the
Hess Fitness Center at:
620-241-2250, ext. 176

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