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Volunteerism played a role in the hospital in the years prior to 1954… "Grey Ladies" and individuals during the war era served in supplemental service roles. Since the organization of the Hospital Auxiliary in February, 1954, volunteers were cast in a "starring" role where they have remained and will, quite obviously, remain through the years to come.

The McPherson County Hospital opened in 1921 and served the community well with skill, integrity, and dedication on the part of physicians, nurses, and other personnel. However, by late 1953, no major expansion, remodeling, nor modernization had been undertaken. One can well imagine the deterioration of the building, both internal and external, and the absence of equipment and furnishings in that time span. Concern over the state of the hospital was evidenced throughout the community and thanks to Mrs. E. C. (Mary) Mingenback, things began to change.

Mrs. Mingenback issued an open invitation to women of the community to meet in her home to discuss the condition of McPherson Hospital and appealed to all present to join forces to "get something done". On the spot, the Hospital Auxiliary was formed! At the organizational meeting, 42 women responded, annual dues of $.50 were established, by-laws were written, needs were enumerated and work areas were assigned on a priority basis.

The first year of concentrated team work and dedicated efforts by Auxilians brought about a "new" look to the hospital. However, while re-draping, repairing, patching, and painting, a community awareness program was launched which brought about a complete remodeling and modernization of the facility through a petition for a $400,000 bond issue. The voting results were overwhelmingly successful, but with rising costs of both labor and materials, an additional $66,000 was needed to furnish all patient rooms and public areas. The Auxiliary raised this amount through memorializing all the areas. Again, in 1963, when the hospital added a 52-bed Geriatrics Wing, the Auxiliary supplemented the allotted funds by memorializing all patient rooms and public areas.

The building of the new hospital started in 1969 and it quickly became obvious that funds again would not be sufficient to complete construction and equip and furnish the hospital. A "Project Completion" fund drive was chartered by the Auxiliary which provided an additional $332,000. Numerous other items of need have been purchased for the hospital through successful fund raising events by the Auxiliary.

Surgery Waiting AreaMany things have changed since 1954… the "Grey Ladies" became the "Pink Ladies" in 1954 and remained the pink ladies until just a few years ago. They are now the "Teal Ladies". The Gift Shop has moved several times, each time to a better and bigger location. The Craft and Sewing Workshop has moved numerous times… now located on 2nd Floor of the Annex, which happens to be part of the "old" McPherson County Hospital. Membership grew from 42 in 1954 to 500 in 1974. Gradually, over the past 10-15 years, membership has dropped, mainly due to younger men and women working until retirement. Current membership is approximately 200, but we have a very strong and dedicated group of men and women.

Throughout the years, McPherson Hospital Auxiliary has followed in the foot steps of the wonderful 42 ladies that formed the Auxiliary in 1954. Our current Auxiliary members continue to sponsor fund raising projects as well as donate their time in many areas of the hospital. Thousands of dollars have been donated to McPherson Healthcare Foundation and McPherson Hospital for numerous projects and events. Whether it is 1954 or 2006, the focus has never changed. The Auxiliary is dedicated to the support of McPherson Hospital.

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The only thing needed to become a volunteer is the desire to help people. At McPherson Hospital we focus on helping our patients and visitors as well as our hospital staff. There are many different areas of the hospital to volunteer your time and by meeting with me we can choose the area that suits you the best!

If you like to be around people, the Information Desk would be a perfect place. If you like retail and shopping, the Gift Shop might be just for you. If you like to be busy, but prefer to be away from the crowd, the Business Office or some sort of office work may be the area you prefer. Special projects and events, from bake sales to corporate health fairs, are some of the other things we do that you may have an interest in.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas:

Administration Office
Book Cart
Business Office
Corporate Health
E.R. Information Desk
Gift Shop
Hess Fitness Center
Home Workshop
Human Resources
Lobby Information Desk
Materials Management
Medical Records
Pride Park
Sewing Workshop
Special Projects and Events
Surgery Clinic
Surgical Hostess

If you are interested in becoming an Auxiliary member, listed below are three types of memberships:

Active (25 hours per year)$5.00 per year
Non-active$10.00 per year
Life$100.00 (one time fee)

Name tags and teal vests or jackets are required and are supplied by the Auxiliary. There is also an optional corporate wear dress code, but the expense for a corporate shirt would be your responsibility. Corporate shirts are purchased from Land’s End Business Outfitters through the Director of Volunteer Services.

Lori Koehn
Lori Koehn
Volunteers must abide by the volunteer dress code, must sign a HIPAA confidentiality statement, and must complete a volunteer application. Active volunteers are eligible to participate in the Time Banking Program. All volunteers who are working will receive FREE coffee or tea and a 25% discount in the hospital dining room and flu vaccinations. Volunteers will also receive a copy of the newsletter Volunteer News and Views Happenings newsletter each month and invitation to the quarterly luncheons.

For more information contact:

Lori Koehn, Volunteer Services Coordinator
1000 Hospital Dr.
McPherson, KS 67460
620-241-2251, Extension 255

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Congratulations to Diana Holloway!
Volunteer of the Year, 2005

Congratulations to Donna Unruh!
Volunteer of the Year, 2006

Congratulations to Ann Minor!
Volunteer of the Year, 2007

Congratulations to Deneen Krehbiel!
Volunteer of the Year, 2008

Volunteer of the Year Policy
Accepted November 8, 2006

Criteria for selection:

  • Attend 3 quarterly meetings during the year
  • Volunteer 250 hours during the year
  • Assist with one fundraiser each year
  • Assist with one special project each year
  • Abide by the Volunteer dress code, policies, and procedures
  • Criteria will be kept on a calendar year basis by the Director of Volunteer Services. The Volunteer of the Year will be selected by the Selection Committee consisting of the Auxiliary President, Director of Volunteer Services and one Auxiliary Board member appointed by the DVS.

    If the above criteria are met by a volunteer, the Department Director of the department in which the volunteer works will be requested to provide a recommendation regarding the volunteer. This recommendation will also be used in the selection process by the Selection Committee.

    The Selection Committee will meet in March to review criteria and letters of recommendation. Presentation of the Volunteer of the Year award will be made at the April Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

    Volunteer of the Year award:

  • Recognition in the McPherson Sentinel newspaper, hospital newsletter and hospital website
  • Volunteer of the Year pin
  • Framed picture of recipient
  • $100.00 check
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    Revised 05/2006

    The following dress code is mandatory for all Volunteers working within McPherson Hospital. The dress code may be altered for special events with the approval of the Director of Volunteer Services and/or Auxiliary President.

    Teal colored sleeveless vests and/or long sleeved teal jackets and name tags will be provided by McPherson Hospital Auxiliary and distributed through the Director of Volunteer Services.

    Dress Code #1

    Teal vest or jacket

    White or black polo shirt, turtleneck or blouse with short or long sleeves
    (no sleeveless shirts)

    Black, white, khaki or navy full length slacks
    (no shorts or capris)

    Nice denim jeans (any color)

    Casual shoes
    (no sandals or open toed shoes)

    Name Tag

    Dress Code #2

    Corporate shirt or blouse from Land’s End Business Outfitters with Volunteer Services Logo, any color
    (orders placed through Director of Volunteers)

    Photo ID badge
    (ordered by Director of Volunteers through McPherson Hospital Human Resource Department)

    Slack, jeans, shoes – same as Dress Code #1

    To order a shirt from Land’s End Business Outfitters, please contact the Director of Volunteer Services.

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    1. To express appreciation to volunteers for their gift of time.

    2. To recognize volunteers on an individual basis by acknowledging and commending personal contributions.

    The volunteer appreciation program applies to all volunteers who are accepted into the Volunteer Services Program at McPherson Hospital by the Director of Volunteer Services. Individuals performing volunteer work at McPherson Hospital through outside programs are not included in this policy even though they are working under the supervision and direction of the Volunteer Services Department of McPherson Hospital.

    POLICY: Volunteer Time Banking Benefit

    1. The Time Banking Benefit is based on the number of hours an individual performs volunteer work at McPherson Hospital. Records of each volunteer’s hours are maintained in the Department of Volunteer Services and are derived from the volunteer daily sign-in sheets.

    2. Volunteer hours may be applied against the self-pay portion of a volunteer’s McPherson Hospital bill (example: laboratory, radiology, emergency room, hospital stay, ambulance service). McPherson Hospital physician clinics are not included. The Time Banking Benefit may be exercised only after all applicable insurance claims have been filed against said hospital bills.

    3. When activating a volunteer’s Time Banking Benefit, only the previous calendar years hours are applicable as credit.

    4. The maximum number of hours to be credited to a volunteer toward the Time-Banking Benefit is 1000 hours per any twelve month period.

    5. Volunteer hours will be credited at a ratio of one hour = one dollar.

    6. Volunteer hours are not transferable from one individual to another and may not be applied against any person’s hospital bill other than the volunteer who performed the volunteer service.

    7. The Time Banking Benefit is not negotiable for a cash benefit or other alternative payment.

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